Desktop Support, Installation Services and Beyond.

The following desktop support and installation services are provided exclusively by myself (Lee Hayward). This website wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for paid work and generous donations.

Please Note: I'm not a web developer, I'm a systems administrator. While I'm very experienced with setting up servers, troubleshooting and installing content management systems, my web page design skills are limited. I'm more than happy to recommend web developers. But I'm not accepting any web design projects.

You need to register your own domain name and VPS, so that you keep control of your asset.
A free domain name can be registered here and I recommend for your VPS.

Remote Installation Services [ £20 per hour]: Web Servers (Nginx, Apache, Tor, etc), Database Servers (MySQL, MariadDB), Content Management Systems (WordPress, Joomla), Forum Platforms (MyBB, phpBB, bbPress) and Wiki Platforms (MediaWiki, DokuWiki). Other services on request.

Remote Server Support [ £40 per hour]: Linux only (Ubuntu, Debian, etc).

Remote Desktop Support [ £20 per hour]: For Windows and Linux users only.

On-Site Support/Training [ £300 per day (9am-5pm) plus expenses ]: All the above.

Prices are negotiable for non profits, charities and people on low income.

Contact Details:
Email: [email protected] (PGP:EDA3E87B).
Business hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. (GMT. UK).
Alternatively you can contact me via his profile.

You can pay with PayPal , Ethereum or Bitcoin. If you are feeling generous and would like to make a donation, so that I can continue to offer these services for free or reduced rate to non-profits, students and people on low income. Then please do, every little helps. Your support is greatly appreciated.

General enquiries: