Our Favourites

Our Favourites

Almost completely open-source and free.

Online Service Recommendations

1dot1dot1dot1: Alternative DNS. Faster, more private and secure. FREE.

Cloudflare.com: Fast, secure CDN and much more. Get started for FREE.

Crazydomains.co.uk: Cheap domain names.

Dropbox: Cloud storage for your digital documents. See also: Mega.nz.

Recommended For Developers

Oracle VM VirtualBox: Cross-platform virtualization software.

Visual Studio Code: Free open-source code editor. Lots of extensions.

Notepad ++: Free source code editor and notepad. Excellent features.

try.dot.net: Compile and run C# from your browser.

asciinema: Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way.

Gitlab: Open-source alternative to Github.

Pro Git: Free e-book. Everything you need to learn Git.

Getbootstrap.com: The worlds most popular HTML, CSS and JS library.

FontAwesome.io: Iconic font and CSS toolkit.

JQueryForm.com: Professional web form builder, mobile-friendly.

WordPress.org: Open-source content management system.

Google.ai: Learn with Google AI.

GIMP: Open-source image editor.

Inkscape.org: Professional vector graphics editor.

OpenShot.org: Award winning open-source video editor.

Blender.org: Open-source 3D creation suite.

UnrealEngine.com: Professional game development tools.

OpenToonz: Open-source animation production software.

Audacity: Open-source cross-platform audio software.

Recommended for Security and Anonymity

Privacy and Anonymity Tool Kit: Blog post by Hayward.

haveibeenpwned.com: Get notified if your password is pwned.

TorProject.org: Improve your privacy and security online.

Startpage.com: The worlds most private search engine.

ProtonMail.com: Secure email based in Switzerland.

ProtonVPN.com: Secure and Free to Premium VPN Service.

Qubes-OS.org: A security-oriented operating system (OS).

Keybase.io: Public-key cryptography for everyone.

Letsencrypt.org: Free SSL/TLS certificates. See also: Certbot.

Mega.nz: Secure cloud storage and messaging,

Zoho Vault: Password manager, free for personal use.

Recommended Apps (General)

Piriform.com: The home of CCleaner, Speccy, Defraggler and Recuva.

PendriveLinux.com (YUMI): Multiboot USB creator.

PuTTY: SSH client for Windows. See also: Win10 OpenSSH.

FileZilla: Free FTP client with plenty of features.

GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation (opens source image editor).

LibreOffice: Free office suite (open source alternative to MS Office).

Mozilla Thunderbird: Customisable feature rich email client.

VLC Media Player: Open source cross-platform multimedia player.

TeamViewer: Remote access and support (free for personal use).

Other Recommendations

nomoreransom.org: The no more ransomware project.

GameServerManagers.com: Linux Game Servers Management made easy.

GiffGaff.com: Get free calls and texts to your mates on GiffGaff.

Crontab Generator: A great tool for generating crontab values.