My Favourites

My Favourites

Online Service Recommendations

1dot1dot1dot1: Alternative DNS. Faster, more private and secure. FREE. Fast, secure CDN and much more. Get started for FREE. Cheap domain names.

Dropbox: Cloud storage for your digital documents. See also:

Recommended For Developers

Oracle VM VirtualBox: Cross-platform virtualization software.

Visual Studio Code: Free open source code editor. Lots of extensions.

Notepad ++: Free source code editor and notepad. Excellent features. Compile and run C# from your browser.

asciinema: Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way.

Gitlab: Open source alternative to Github.

Pro Git: Free e-book. Everything you need to learn Git. The worlds most popular HTML, CSS and JS library. Iconic font and CSS toolkit. Professional web form builder, mobile-friendly. Open source content management system. Learn with Google AI

Other Recommendations The no more ransomware project. Linux Game Servers Management made easy. Get free calls and texts to your mates on GiffGaff.

Crontab Generator: A great tool for generating crontab values.

Recommended for Security and Anonymity

Privacy and Anonymity Tool Kit: Blog post by Hayward. Get notified if your password is pwned. Improve your privacy and security online. The worlds most private search engine. Secure email based in Switzerland. Secure and Free to Premium VPN Service. A security-oriented operating system (OS). Public-key cryptography for everyone. Free SSL/TLS certificates. See also: Certbot. Secure cloud storage and messaging,

Zoho Vault: Password manager, free for personal use.

Recommended Apps (General) The home of CCleaner, Speccy, Defraggler and Recuva. (YUMI): Multiboot USB creator.

PuTTY: SSH client for Windows. See also: Win10 OpenSSH.

FileZilla: Free FTP client with plenty of features.

GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation (opens source image editor).

LibreOffice: Free office suite (open source alternative to MS Office).

Mozilla Thunderbird: Customisable feature rich email client.

VLC Media Player: Open source cross-platform multimedia player.

TeamViewer: Remote access and support (free for personal use).