Useful Windows Commands

Below is a list of Windows commands covering everything from keyboard shortcuts to network troubleshooting.

E&OE*. Use these commands at your own risk**!

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Win Key + X then C #Opens Command Prompt in normal mode.
Win Key + X then A #Opens Command Prompt in admin mode.
Home #Move cursor to the beginning of the line.
End #Move cursor to the end of the line.
Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow #Move cursor to the left or right of word.
Ctrl + Up/Down Arrow #Moves page up or down. No the insert point.
F3 #Repeat previous command.
Up/Down Arrow #Scroll back and forth through command history.
F7 #Show command history. Select a command and press enter.
Alt + F7 #Clears the command history.
F8 #Cycles through command history for matching commands.
Ctrl + C #Abort command or copy currently selected text.
Ctrl + V #Paste text from clipboard. Same as Ctrl + Insert .
Ctrl + Backspace #Deletes the first word to the left of the insert point.
Tab #Autocomplete the folder name.
Escape #Deletes the current line of text.
Ctrl + Home #Deletes text from insert point to beginning of the line.
Ctrl + End #Deletes text from insert point to end of line.
Alt + F4 #Close command prompt. Same as typing EXIT then enter.

Windows Task List:

tasklist #Displays currently running tasks.
tasklist -m #Displays associated DLL's.
tasklist -svc #Displays associated services.
taskkill -pid (number) #Kills task for pid number.

Troubleshooting internet Issues:

ping (domain or IP) #Checks if domain/ip is reachable.
tracert (domain/ip) #Displays nodes to reach destination.
ipconfig /all #Displays current network configuration.
ipconfig /flushdns #Flushes DNS cache.
ipconfig /release #Release IP. Then the command below..
ipconfig /renew #Attempts to renew your IP address.
netstat -an #Display network connections and port used.
nslookup ( #Retrieves the IP for

Troubleshooting File and Driver Issues:

sfc /scannow #Runs the System File Checker.
driverquery -v #List of installed drivers.
sigverif #Shows you which files are signed or not.

* Errors and Omissions Excepted.

** We are not responsible for any damage or loss of data caused as a result of using any of the commands on this page.