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Support - remote desktop support - remote server support - linux support - wordpress installation - wordpress supoort - nginx - cloudflare - mariadb - mysql - vps

Remote Support - WordPress Support - Linux Support

Paying it forward with special rates and priority support, exclusively for: individuals, groups and organisations that work towards a fairer society. i.e., not-for-profits, charities, freelance journalists, developers and activists involved in: Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, Alternative Media, The Arts, Free Software, Open Hardware.

Remote Support & Training
.. Microsoft Windows, Linux Desktop, Mobile Phones and Tablets. Via TeamViewer

Website Support & Installation
.. NGinx web server, MariaDB MySQL server, WordPress (CMS), HTTPS Certificate, CDN.

Systems Administration
.. Vultr hosted Linux VPS instances only. You get the first hour free, if you use my affiliate link.

About the Founder

Hayward - Banner - CEO

My name is Lee.  I've been working in IT for the best part of 25 years. I started my career as a Technical Clerk working for H.M Forces (17th / 21st Lancers, RAC) and after a few years of service I decided to join civilian life again, where I spent the first couple of years teaching IT at Bromley College.

Since then I've worked for various companies both as a contractor and full time employee, mostly at management level. Today I work for myself, as an independent freelancer.

I'm passionate about human rights, freedom of speech, free software, alternative media and open hardware (in that order). My long term goal is to move away from the City and live on a farm, teleworking and blogging by night and "farming" by day. To help fund this humble lifestyle I created this website, primarily as a hub for knowledge sharing and project collaboration but more importantly (financially speaking) as somewhere to offer a modest range of affordable Cloud-based IT support services.

Confidentiality assured 🙈  🙉  🙊

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