Support , Training , WordPress & System Administration

Paying it forward with special rates and priority support, exclusively for: individuals, groups and organisations that work towards a fairer society. i.e., not-for-profits, charities, freelance journalists, developers and activists involved in: Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, Alternative Media, The Arts, Free Software, Open Hardware.

Remote Support & Training
.. Microsoft Windows, Linux Desktop, Mobile Phones and Tablets. Via TeamViewer

Website Support & Installation
.. NGinx web server, MariaDB MySQL server, WordPress (CMS), HTTPS Certificate, CDN.

VPS Administration
.. Limited Availability .
New details following soon.

Sample Projects:

Important Notice: As part of my privacy and security policy, I no longer link to or showcase client websites. Instead I've provided a few examples of the type of website I'm able to put together in a day. All websites come configured with TLS/HTTPS and secured behind a CDN (provided by CloudFlare). Also as part of my privacy and security policy, I no longer register domains on my clients behalf or host their websites. Instead, you will be given instructions on how to register your own domain name (free and paid options). Further instructions on registering with any of the recommended Virtual Privater Server (VPS) providers will be provided as needed. This information will of course be provided to you free of charge, however should you require my assistance, a fee of £40 is payable in advance (this payment excludes my additional service fees).

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Privacy Statement: (Kept simple for GDPR compliance)

I do not process any personal data, other than for the purpose of invoicing and auditing. Financial transactions are processed through either PayPal, Bitcoin or the Banks, which means they process your data, not me. Any emails you send me, whether directly or via the online forms are read, replied to and then deleted (in that order). I will never send you unsolicited emails, sell your data or add you to any mailing lists. Any data required and held for the purpose of completing projects or providing technical support will be deleted once the project is completed or the support ticket closed. I use 2-step verification for all my cloud based accounts. Documents required for tax purposes and auditing are stored on an encrypted drive (BitLocker), for the minimum mandatory time scale required by UK law.