Hi. My name is Lee Hayward. I’m a qualified IT professional with over 25 years of industry experience.

" Creating a fairer society by enabling those who help others. "

Hi. My name is Lee Hayward. I'm a qualified IT professional with over 25 years of industry experience.

You can hire me for any of the following services: Managed server hosting (Virtual Private Servers for Websites, Data Storage and Game Servers), WordPress and other content management platforms installation and configuration (Joomla, OpenCart, MediaWiki etc), remote desktop support and training.

My rates start at £30 per hour and my server hosting fees start at £2.50 per month.

I offer special rates for: Individuals, groups and organisations that work towards a fairer society. i.e., not-for-profits, charities, freelance journalists, developers, artists and activists involved in: Human Rights,  Environment Protection, Freedom of Speech, Equal Opportunities, Alternative Media, The Arts, Free Software and Open Hardware.

What my clients are saying about me...

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Anon. - "Human Rights Activist"

"Lee did an excellent job with setting up my Tor website. He even showed me how to create a Bitcoin address and made sure I knew how to back everything up afterwards."

"Such professionalism and expertise from The cloud. Been with them for over 10 years, Lee has launched our website, redesigned it and taken complete care of the technical side from day one. This has allowed us to just focus on our side of blogging. Complete confidence in all that Lee does and can't recommend him enough. "

"Lee has been a huge support in both ensuring technical robustness as well as giving general advise. His service commitment is great. Positively exceeding his agreed service level agreements and providing additional support as needed. I can highly recommend Lee for the outstanding work he does."

"My go2 technical support and social media gurus. I'd describe Lee as fair, ethical, professional, very discreet and a joy to work with.

Peace, Pirate out!"

Asha - "Investigative Journalist"

" The Cloud have given me the tools knowledge and confidence I so desperately needed to level up my investigative journalism. I've learned some neat tricks for staying anonymous and beating the snoops at their own game. lee (the CEO of The Cloud) has personally walked me through using secure drops, encrypted email, tor browser, virtual private networks and Qubes-os. He taught me that to be truly anonymous I also need to be constantly changing my writing style, author name, IP address, browser and other details I would never have even thought of. I used to believe that to be "anonymous" you had to be a hacker. I now know that's just not true, because if i can learn 'how' then so can you and I'm talking to you as a former technophobe. "

" Reasonably priced range of support and services. I would recommend Lee to anybody as he is very reliable and efficient. "
" Excellent professional service, Lee is highly knowledgeable and passionate about website security and maintenance and will never overcharge. "

Special thanks to Juan for all his help with server maintenance and penetration testing.