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Paying it forward with special rates and priority support, exclusively for: individuals, groups and organisations that work towards a fairer society. i.e., not-for-profits, charities, freelance journalists, developers and activists involved in: Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, Alternative Media, The Arts, Free Software, Open Hardware.

Remote Support & Training
.. Microsoft Windows, Linux Desktop, Mobile Phones and Tablets. Via TeamViewer

Website Support & Installation
.. NGinx web server, MariaDB MySQL server, WordPress (CMS), HTTPS Certificate, CDN.

VPS Administration
.. Limited Availability .
New details following soon.

About the Founder:

I'm passionate about human rights, freedom of speech, free software, alternative media and open hardware (in that order). My long term goal is to move away from the City and live on a farm, teleworking and blogging by night and "farming" by day. To help fund this humble lifestyle I created this website, primarily as a hub for knowledge sharing and project collaboration but more importantly (financially speaking) as somewhere to offer a modest range of affordable Cloud-based IT support services.

Remote Support - WordPress Support - Linux Support

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Privacy Statement: (Updated on May 12th 2018)

I take your right to privacy very seriously. Any information you provide me by email, contact form or telephone, will be retained for a maximum of 3 months or until your project is complete, whichever is sooner. After your project is completed or the 3 months are up, all data that I hold on you will be deleted (secure-wiped wherever possible). This includes all email correspondence, database entries, voice data, flat file data, paper notes and backups. The exception to this policy will be invoices, receipts, contracts and other documentation that I'm legally bound to retain for tax purposes and auditing. Any document that I'm legally required to retain, will be stored on a password encrypted disk and an encrypted cloud backup.

I can complete most projects within a couple of days. 3 months will be more than enough time. So whether the project is complete or not, once the 3 months are up any data I hold on you (with the exceptions mentioned above) will be deleted. Which means you are responsible for keeping notes of your passwords, server details, ip addresses, etc. It's your data, so please take care of it.

Optionally, you will need to provide your consent if you want me to keep backups of your server details, log in credentials, third party information (i.e passwords and usernames for WordPress plug-ins that connect to a third party service). This data will be held on a secure cloud-hosted password manager which is only accessible by myself. You can request this data be deleted at any time. This data is kept for a maximum of 12 months, after which time I'll need you to give your consent to hold it for a further 12 months. If you decline or I'm unable to contact you for consent, the data held will be irreversibly deleted.

Further information will be provided when you fill out forms on this site, or contact me directly.

Got any questions ? Email [email protected]

Confidentiality assured.

Sample Projects:

Important Notice: As part of my privacy and security policy, I no longer link to or showcase client websites. Instead I've provided a few examples of the type of website I'm able to put together in a day. All websites come configured with TLS/HTTPS and secured behind a CDN (provided by CloudFlare). Also as part of my privacy and security policy, I no longer register domains on my clients behalf or host their websites. Instead, you will be given instructions on how to register your own domain name (free and paid options). Further instructions on registering with any of the recommended Virtual Privater Server (VPS) providers will be provided as needed. This information will of course be provided to you free of charge, however should you require my assistance, a fee of £40 is payable in advance (this payment excludes my additional service fees).  More details to follow.